Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture is the digital system development domain spanning from above the analog circuits going all the way to compilers. Assemblers, Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), Microarchitecture are the layers comprising the fundamentals areas covered under this area. Recently, I have been exploring where this domain is headed and my experience is

Robocup SPL 2015 – BEE Final Year Project

Robocup – the World Cup of Robotics, is an international competition held annually, with an aim to promote research in robotics. Its Standard Platform League (SPL) is a soccer competition between teams of fully autonomous humanoid robots. The hardware platform for Robocup SPL is Aldebaran Robotics (now Softbank Robotics) NAO robot. Identical

ESP8266 IoT Platform

I am working on developing an ESP8266 IoT (Internet of Things) platform. I have shared some of my experiences and salient outcomes in the blog posts linked below: ESP8266 WiFi SoC – what is it all about (2016-08-16) Build Toolchain for ESP8266 (2016-08-17) Firmware Efforts NodeMCU Sample Projects – Blinky and ESP8266_RTOS_SDK Multithreading (2016-08-20) Hardware

Build Toolchain for ESP8266

Initiating developing on ESP8266 requires a toolchain capable of cross compiling for the target. Click here for a target agnostic guide to building a cross compiler toolchain. Following the tutorial located at which provides a seamless script to automate the whole process. Get the dependencies: sudo apt-get install make unrar autoconf

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