ESP8266 IoT Platform

I am working on developing an ESP8266 IoT (Internet of Things) platform. I have shared some of my experiences and salient outcomes in the blog posts linked below: ESP8266 WiFi SoC – what is it all about (2016-08-16) Build Toolchain for ESP8266 (2016-08-17) Firmware Efforts NodeMCU Sample Projects – Blinky and ESP8266_RTOS_SDK Multithreading (2016-08-20) Hardware

Build Toolchain for ESP8266

Initiating developing on ESP8266 requires a toolchain capable of cross compiling for the target. Click here for a target agnostic guide to building a cross compiler toolchain. Following the tutorial located at which provides a seamless script to automate the whole process. Get the dependencies: sudo apt-get install make unrar autoconf