Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture is the digital system development domain spanning from above the analog circuits going all the way to compilers. Assemblers, Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), Microarchitecture are the layers comprising the fundamentals areas covered under this area.

Recently, I have been exploring where this domain is headed and my experience is shared in this post.

Computer Architecture – Reference Sources

Currently I try to follow the following sources of information to get an insight about the happening and tremendous past research in field.

  • Computer Architecture lectures by Professor Onur Mutlu. This is an amazing source for covering the basics on Computer Architecture.
  • Publications in the following flagship conferences in this domain for the latest trends:
    • MICRO (International Symposium on Microarchitecture)
    • ASPLOS (nternational Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems)
    • ISCA (International Symposium on Computer Architecture)
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Architecture Qualifier Reading List


I will be adding to the list as more is achieved [ provided I find time to write here 🙂 ]


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