What’s with the name?

void pointer is an unusual choice for name of a blog, without a doubt. Most programmers, already familiar with the technical sense of the phrase, are amused at the nerdy choice.

In programming terms, a void pointer can point to anything; it is up to the programmer to interpret it as required, and ideally, as intended. Here at void pointer, you will come across a handful of anecdotal posts narrating some of my experiences, aspirations and opinions about anything and everything I feel worth sharing publicly.

Being an Electrical Engineer and an embedded systems IDE developer by profession, the technical posts will revolve, primarily, around programming, embedded systems and technology in general.

Critical for a balanced life is the due appreciation for the lighter sides of things. Food, travel, world affairs, movies and sometimes cars devour my attention occasionally and you may see a blog post about any one of them surfacing from time to time.

Completely aware of the vastness of the Internet and how minuscule a needle this blog is in the virtual haystack, it is going to be a while till someone reads this. Who knows, with time hopefully, I won’t be the only one visiting this site on regular basis. 🙂

Happy reading!

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